The program is interdisciplinary and is designed to prepare graduates for international careers in enterprises and organizations where knowledge of several languages and business is required. The program offers three language modules: French, Spanish, and German. All three modules comprise studying Business English, Financial English, English for Law, as well as general and business aspects of the module language. The program provides cultural studies through such courses as Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Business Relations, business studies through the basic management courses such as Marketing, Management Theory, Accounting Theory, Entrepreneurship in the EU, as well as the EU and international market specific study courses. Upon graduation, students are able to continue education in Master degree programs and second level professional study programs.

Program courses

Bachelor’s degree program “Modern Language and Business Studies” curriculum, French module
Bachelor’s degree program “Modern Language and Business Studies” curriculum, Spanish module
Bachelor’s degree program “Modern Language and Business Studies” curriculum, German module

Study period and classes time

The full-time degree program covers 4 academic years. Classes are held mainly from 8.30am until 6 pm on weekdays.

The part-time program covers 5 academic years. Classes are 3 times a month on Saturdays from 10 am until 7 pm.

Career opportunities

The program prepares graduates for different careers in the public and the private sector in the local and international labor market where integration of the knowledge of several languages and the knowledge of business is required. Program graduates may work as manager’s assistants, assistants in administration, translators and in other positions or start their own business.

Admission requirements

1.General secondary high school diploma;
2. English language proficiency.
3. Grade in Mathematics must be no less than 4 in a 10 point grading system.

Enrolment criteria (for students competing for the state-financed study place)

1. The grade in English (45%)
2. Grade point average (20%);
3. Satisfactory grade in Mathematics (20%)
3. A certificate of the Latvian language (15%).
Please note! Only EU/EEA/Swiss citizens and EU long-term resident status holders can compete for a state-financed study place.

Autumn Intake (application start: 1 Jan 2018; studies start in Sept 2018)

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